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Paris to Provence – Cooking Demonstration Recipes

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Mousse au Chocolat


*100 gr dark chocolate 55% (or up to your taste)

*20 gr full cream

*45 gr white sugar

*5 egg white

*2 egg yolk


*Chocolate + cream to melt on a bain marie

*Whipped the egg white (firm but be careful to stop before it grains) – gradually add the white sugar during the whipping process

*Add the yolk to the melted chocolate (make sure the chocolate mixture isn’t too hot)

*Mix thoroughly

*Add  one third of the whites to the previous mix and whisk it to evenly spread the chocolate mixer into the egg white

*Add the rest of the egg white and carefully mix it with a spatula

*Choose your recipient and leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (for an individual recipient, much more for a larger bowl)


Magret de Canard

Balsamic & honey Sauce, Carrot Mash


*Duck Breast fresh – 1 per person

*Carrots 8

*Full cream 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup

*Honey 5 TBSP

*Balsamic vinegar 5 TBSP

*Salt & Pepper



*Start with cooking the carrots (peeled & sliced) into boiling water

*Remove the extra fat on the side from your duck breast to only save the one on the top of the fillet

*On a hot pan with a bit of oil, strong fire, pan fried your breast starting with the side on the fat

*Cook it for approximately 5 minutes or until golden brown coloured and fat cooked through, then flip it and 1 minute on the other side

*Finish the cooking of your breast in the oven (220 degrees) for about 7 minutes

*Strain the carrots when cooked and press them to remove all the extra water

*In a mixer, carrots + cream and blend it until really smooth. Salt & pepper to your taste

*Sauce: in a pan add the honey and the balsamic and reduce until syrup texture

*When the breast is cooked, glaze it into the sauce and then plate it with the carrot mash and an extra bit of the sauce on top


Chez Olivier – Article in Sunday Magazine

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The Age Epicure November 2011

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Chez Olivier featuring in The Age Epicure November 2011! See it here.


A Review of Chez Olivier in Fjorde Magazine

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Chez Olivier has been reviewed in the new Spring Issue of Fjorde Magazine.

Food Reviewer Ben Anderson writes “With intricate details, Chez Olivier surrounds itself with exposed brick walls, wine racks and tastefully hand- picked Parisian art… Chez places a heavy emphasis on staff value and service, their hostess’ live up to such reputation, explaining the premise of the venue, promoting and conserving the aesthetic of a traditional French dining experience, from the food to the atmosphere.”

You can read the full review by navigating to page 100- 101 here.

Call and book lunch or dinner at Chez Olivier on (03) 9999 9305 and experience traditional French dining for yourself.


Degustation Dinner – Wed, 28 Sep 2011

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We are thrilled to invite you to our September Degustation Dinner, Melbourne Foodie Experimentations, on Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011, at 6:45 pm (for 7pm start).

The exceptional culinary adventure, exclusively prepared by our Excecutive Chef and Kitchen Wunderkind Kobi Katani, will once again engage all your senses and take your tastebuds on an unimaginable ride.

Join us on the night, and enjoy an innovative eight-course menu (four savoury, two sweet & two cleansers) consisting of dishes which have been designed and prepared especially for the night.

Tell us what you think of them in the accompanying feedback questionnaires, and just like with our past Melbourne Foodie Experimentations dinners, some of the most popular dishes might end up on our regular menu!
We can’t wait to welcome you all and introduce you to Kobi’s new creations!

Seats for this exclusive event are limited, so don’t delay with your booking and contact Albert on 9525 2273 or for further details and reservations.
Reservations can be also made through –
click here to join the Melbourne Foodie Experimentations and attend the event
$70 pp
(plus $30 for matching drinks – optional but highly recommended)


The Age Good Food Guide 2011 – We are back!

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A glamorous party at the National Gallery of Victoria kicked off the launch of The Age Good Food Guide 2011, and, yes, Chez Olivier is in. There is no doubt we are pleased and proud to be listed in this prestigious publication for the second year in a row. We would like to thank all our customers for the invaluable written feedback, which, in many different ways, helped us to shape, formulate, and improve the way Chez Olivier is run. Thank you also to my culinary geniuses, Jacky and Kobi, and my wonderful, supportive, and smiling staff at Le Bistro and L’Epicerie!!! Last but not least, thank you also to the dedicated writers and reviewers in The Age, whose positive opinion of Chez Olivier keeps us in their authoritative Good Food Bible!!!


Chez Olivier – Victorian Winner – Favourite French Restaurant of 2010!!!

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Thank you to all who have voted for us in this year’s LifeStyle Food’s I Love Food Awards. Due to your overwhelming response and good will, Chez Olivier came in first in the category Favourite French Restaurant – Victoria, beating – we are sure – many of our colleagues for this coveted and popular award. We already received our award certificate, which is displayed, with pride, at Le Bistro in Greville Street.

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The Financial Review

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Check out what they said about us here!


The Age – Epicure

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Matt Preston in the Age Epicure: “Pop in for a glass and stay for a bite – and the rest of the bottle.” A little out of date as we changed the menu and improved the venue since his visit, but we think that he got it quite right regarding the atmosphere. Thank you Matt you are such great value to the Food scene in Melbourne.


Melbourne Weekly Bayside

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Dan Stock and Mary-Jane Daffy in Melbourne Weekly Bayside: “After a visit to L’Epicerie, and more specifically, after the steak tartare hit our table, I am now inclined to shout liberte, egalite, fraternite at every opportunity…” Click here to read the full article