Henry and Louise Shires – 31/03/2013

“Dear Tiffany
Louise asked me to pass on to you our heart felt thanks for managing our horde for our Wedding Dinner last night.
Despite the ever changing cast list, confused orders, complex bill splitting and the hazards of tiny feel underfoot, all your staff continued to managed Louise’s huge, unruly international family and my very small, rather less unruly English one, with great professionalism and charm.
As you know we already had our Valentines with you this year and again, even with the numbers involved the food continued to be of a uniformly high standard.
As before, the steak and the snails were particularly good and the atmosphere as authentically bistro as you can get, outside France.
Please feel free to use or post this testimonial from me, with my name, wherever it might be of best use for you.
Again many thanks from both of us.
Merci mille fois
Henri et Louise”